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How Our Web Design Process Works

We've made getting your business online easy!

We’ve made our website design signup process as easy as humanly possible in order to get your new website up and running in no time and to let you continue to run your business! 

No doubt about it, designing a website is the best way to build your brand online and reach new customers. Together our small team of web design experts combine creative ideas with design principles that will leave your business with outstanding results.

No other single aspect or design from your business will attract more customers than a professional website. Making it easier for your customers to contact you is what we do best.

Step 1

Reach out to us where we will be more than happy to advise you on what is the best solution bespoke to your business.

We’ll then ask you to sign up to one of our packages in order to get the process underway. We offer both one off payment with ongoing monthly maintenance or monthly web design packages starting from just £35 per month which includes absolutely everything you need to get your website live.

Step 2

Once you’ve signed up, remember payment is not due until completion. We’ll ask you to fill our a quick capture form.

This quick form collects the basic information regarding you and your business / company as well as allowing you the chance to tell us what aspects you’d like websites, websites you like and want us to take inspiration from, your company values, and you’ll also to be able to upload any content for the website such as written content or images should you have any.

Step 3

With your business details provided and a general overview of the website design you are looking for, this is where South West Web Design get to work and build your first website draft. 

It’s at this point you may decide to match your new website you’ll need a logo as well as a way to market the website as effectively as possible. Well great news, we offer bespoke logo design services, email accounts, leaflet design and more as paid extras at extremely competitive rates.

Just let us know what you require and our team will get on it for you.

Fully Managed Web Solutions At An Affordable Cost

No matter if you are a small start up or a huge organisation we will make a unique solution bespoke to your business. Our business model is simple to understand and based on providing you with fantastically great websites and design services, at an affordable price for any sized business. Contact us today for your free no obligation quote or simple ask for advice.

"South West Web Design have revolutionised our business, giving us significantly more leads since the website was created.​"

Fully Responsive Website Design

When we develop a website, we follow the Responsive design approach using HTML5 and CSS3. We make sure that all websites we create are fully prepared to be viewed on all kinds of mobile devices and different screen resolutions.

Instead of trying to optimize your website for different devices, which is time consuming and costly, Responsive design allows you to save money and have a great sleek website that is also SEO optimized across on devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know a little more about how we do what we do for our low costs and what the finer details are? See below for some of our most frequently asked questions.

Absolutely none whatsoever. We keep things clear and simple. If you need any extras design services such as SEO or logo design, this naturally is an additional cost. However, in terms of the website design and setup, everything else is all-inclusive e.g hosting, domain, email etc.

Each our website design packages comes as standard fully managed by us, basically we are your new tech guys. We complete all aspects of setting up and configuring your website; including, installing and configuring software, SSL encryption, patch management, system maintenance and monitoring.

Our hosting solution also includes weekly backups, load balancing, disaster recovery, as well as additional security processes including vulnerability scans, intrusion detection (ID) and DDoS (distributed denial of service) prevention and mitigation. We have your back 24/7.

At any time, as part of our monthly payment plan, we are here to assist you in any changes you want us to make to your website. Be it simply changing text, adding a new blog entry, changing imagery or adding new pages, we will do all of this for you so you can focus on running your business.

When purchasing one of our plans you will be signing up initially to a 1 year contract of monthly ongoing maintenance payments. By ordering and paying your first invoice you agree to these terms. Once the first year has been completed we roll you over onto a 30 day rolling contract where at any point you can cancel your website plan with us.

Our 1 year contract includes any one-off payment fee and 12 months payments of the agreed monthly value.

We hope you never need to but if you ever felt the need you can terminate out of the initial 1 year contract early, however, an early termination fee of the reminder of the 1 year contract will be required within 7 days of termination.

Just like your mobile phone data plan a website requires bandwidth. Everytime someone connects to your website bandwidth is used. With us however there are no extra hidden costs to consider, unlimited bandwidth is included for free across all of our packages.

There is no catch. You aren’t able to transfer the website away from us for the first 12 months but you can cancel your payment at any time if you no longer want the website or domain. So that’s the closest thing to a catch we could be accused of. 

The truth is that we depend on keeping customers with us as they grow, we  We believe we offer extremely good value for money so much so there’s no real need to move away from our services.

We also own an agency that sells websites for £5k and above. But there is an enormous pool of customers that don’t have this budget but still want a beautiful website. This is why we started swift pages.

We accept an array of payment methods, however bank transfer is our preferred method for all one-off payments.
Monthly payments we are happy to accept standing orders into the Bank or PayPal subscriptions on request.

If you have an alternative payment method you would rather pay with then just let us know and we will try and accommodate your needs.

Yes. All of our plans come with email forwards or separate email accounts.

Email Forwarder – We setup an email address like [email protected] where all email sent to this address is forwarded onto your existing email address you already use. To the customer you have a professional email address to match your new website, in the background you carry on as normal, but with more customers.

Email Account – One of the greatest functions of having your own domain name is having the ability to create your own personalized email addresses. With us we do this for you, giving you what we call a Webmail login, just like Gmail to manage your emails.