How To Automatically Post From Your WordPress Site to Facebook Pages?

Published 27th December 2019

You’ve come around to the fact that original content is the king in terms of enhancing your websites ranking on Google and have started making your own blog posts on your business’ WordPress site, awesome! Now it’s just the little task of getting traffic to the blog, to capture your audience and turn them into new clients and customers! We at South West Web Design have one simple method, RSS WordPress Feed to Facebook Pages, with the help of our trusty friend, IFTTT.

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with more than a billion user worldwide. It is also one of the largest source of traffic to your website, where great engaging posts can direct users directly to your profile page and website, which hopefully converts them into new clients

Original content in terms of new blog entries are awesome for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), providing they have decent keywords, the content is good and is a pleasure to read by bots. These blog posts will also go a long way in letting your customers know who and what your business is all about before they make the decision to trust you with your services or handy work.

In this quick guide we are going to run through how to easily share your new blog entries with your already captured audience on your FaceBook Page, with the use of IFTTT, the process is really simple.

IFTTT explained

1. Login to your account at IFTTT to begin with our guide. If you haven’t already got an account, please sign up for an account at to get your world turned upside down in terms of simplicity.

2. Once logged in, head to the following URL: and press ‘This’, this is where we are going to put, IF a new blog post is made then post to Facebook Pages.

3. Search for the service ‘RSS Feed’ > Connect > New Feed Item > In the Feed URL enter the following, altering the domain to your domain name. ‘’ > Create Trigger.

4. Now we need to add the ‘That’, the Post to Facebook Pages part of the equation. Press ‘That’ > Search for the service ‘Facebook Pages’ > Connect > Login to your Facebook account > select the page you wish to post too and press ‘Update’.

Facebook on IFTTT

5. You’ll now need to choose ‘ Create new link post’ where you’ll be invited to create your post template, add the ‘EntryURL’ to the URL line and something along the lines of ‘We have posted a new post, ‘EntryTitle”. You can use the ‘Add Ingredients’ to pick the data that is picked up in the RSS Feed > Press Continue > Finish.

Facebook actionsFacebook Fields


If all the above has been followed correctly, whenever you make a new post on your WordPress based website, IFTTT and the systems we have just put in place will make sure that this new post will appear as a link on your Facebook Page, automatically and stress free. Bingo!

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