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Our small selection of managed hosting account upgrades available for all clients.

Managed Hosting Upgrades

Premium Hosting Upgrades for your Package

We are now pleased to offer some small account upgrades that can be purchased with your managed hosting plan to give your website with us that extra edge, speed and reliability.

Some of these upgrades we may even of directed you to as, although we offer the best quality service we can trying to cater for all our clients, some of our clients will undoubtably want the very best for their business, where cost is no option to a degree.

Here you can find a small, ever growing list of account upgrades that you can purchase and we will continue to manage your hosting for for you on.

Where possible, again, we offer you the very best cost we can to ensure you are getting true value for money.

Increase your  Mailbox Size With Our Email Hosting Solution

Explore the difference between flexible options that meet your unique business needs.

Standard Email

Included with our managed hosting:

Small 2GB Mailbox size (max)

99% Uptime Guaranteed

Shared Email Hosting Environment

Standard Plus Email

Upgrade your standard email hosting:

Medium 5GB Mailbox size (max)

99% Uptime Guaranteed

Shared Email Hosting Environment

Business Email

Included in this business upgrade:

1 Large 25GB Mailbox size

100% Uptime Guaranteed

Dedicated Email Hosting Environment

Premium spam and virus protection

Our Roundup

By purchasing this package you'll get a premium business email hosting solution, hosted by our third party, Rackspace to offer a truly different level email hosting solution for your business.
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Upgrade With A Private Hosting Solution

The majority of our hosting clients start their first online experience on a shared web hosting server plan. That's less than surprising, considering this is the most affordable option to launch a website and one that easily accommodates both startup projects and requirements for hosting small business websites.

But as your website grows and attracts more visitors or more of a demanding website in provided, naturally, there comes a time for an upgrade to give your website the best chance at giving the best peformance.

Our Private Hosting is a specific type of service, where we provision your website it's own dedicated private server. Each new private servers operates completely independently and receives a dedicates all of the amount available server resources to your website and your website only - CPU, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth.

What are some of the benefits?:
Increased performance - shared web hosting clients utilize the same pool of server resources, making the overall performance of all users quite unpredictable during different peaks throughout the day. This can be a real deal-breaker if you're trying to establish a business or an ecommerce store. The faster your website - the better, and a virtual server can significantly help you achieve that.

Dedicated CPU/RAM - VPS services are very scalable and as your website grows we can scale the requirement and resources dedicated to your VPS as needed.

Increased Security - Not that we ever hope it happens, a breach in any neighboring shared web hosting account may result in risks for all websites on the same server getting compromised according to the style of attack used. VPS hosting fixes this problem and allows each client to operate independently in their own isolated environment.

We can provide a virtual private server, literally anywhere across the world. So if you're clientele are mostly from the US, we'll deploy a private server in the US, if it's the UK, then the UK or Europe is a good option.

For our private servers, like not putting all the eggs in one basket, we don't just focus on one hosting provider, but we choose the best option for your business 100% of the time.

If you're interested our upgrading your hosting to it's own private server, then take a look below at just a few of the options we can provide as an additional cost to your monthly hosting plan.

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Increased Security
Increased Performance
Dedicated website resources
Scaleable sizes
multiple locations

Small Managed
Private Hosting

2 vCPU's

Dedicated RAM

40GB Hard Drive

1 Dedicated IP Address

20TB Monthly Bandwidth

Europe Location
*All plans in addition to your current hosting management fee.

Medium Managed
Private Hosting

3 vCPU's

Dedicated RAM

80GB Hard Drive

1 Dedicated IP Address

20TB Monthly Bandwidth

Europe Location
*All plans in addition to your current hosting management fee.

Larger Managed
Private Hosting

2 vCPU's

Dedicated RAM

80GB Hard Drive

1 Dedicated IP Address

20TB Monthly Bandwidth

Europe Location
*All plans in addition to your current hosting management fee.

Our Roundup

Purchasing a private server will increase your website performance as we provision your very own server, with it's own dedicated resources, used soley for your website and it's operating system. 
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Our new Pay Monthly Websites, perfect for any Size business.

We believe a pay monthly approach allows our customers to manage their cashflow and quickly get their website up and running with zero hassle. All our pay monthly packages include hosting and even a free first year or .com domain name meaning you can get online almost immediately.

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